Handler Owned and Trained (HOT)

DOB: 8/13/16
AKC: DN47905303

Hips: Prelims Good
Elbows: Prelims Normal

Thea's Pedigree

Thea's Photo Gallery

Thea is one of the most exciting youngesters we have seen in a long time. She is a true "pocket rocket". While small in stature (bottom end of standard), she has excellent, balanced structure making her very fast, quick and extremely athletic. What she lacks in physical size she more than makes up for in working ability. She has exceptional nerves with zero environmental sensitivity and she is confident in all situations. While not particularly social with people and dogs outside her own family, she is totally sound and approachable. She is aloof and just has very little interest in people she doesn't know unless they have food or toys for her. Food and toy drive are very high and she has a biddable, willing nature making her an easy dog to train in all phases. Tracking is naturally intense, obedience is enthusiastic and focused and in protection she shows strong, serious barking, quick strikes, hard grips and excellent fighting behavior. Off the field she is a very easy dog to live with in the house, settles well and gets along well with all of our other dogs and various critters.

Thea's pedigree is just as exciting as she is herself. She is a daughter of our own own B/HOT Beowulf v Wildhaus "Wulf", and granddaughter of BSP Champion Ernst Weinbergblick and our foundation female, Ira v Argatos. Thea's sire, Wulf, is simply one of the best GSDs we have ever had the pleasure to own. Strong drives, bombproof nerve, the sort of dog who takes everything in stride and can go anywhere and do anything. On the SchH and SDA fields, Wulf never failed to have intense natural tracking, beautiful obedience, and powerful protection with incridible hardness and fight drive (sometimes too much as that "out" was a problem at times when helpers couldn't lock him up). His rock solid temperament allowed him to easily transition to the chaos of the AKC/UKC indoor venues to pick up some Rally titles for fun upon retiring from bite sports. Wulf also brings exceptional health and longevity to the table as he is still siring litters, playing ball and wrestling with Thea daily at 13+ years old. Thea's dam, Seda, has proven herself to be a strong producer of versatile working dogs with several puppies from this and previous litters excelling in SAR, law enforcement and various dog sports. Seda herself is the result of a breeding using semen several decades old. This has afforded us the very exciting and unique opportunity to bring forward in the pedigree the genetics of such legends as Drigon, Enno Antrefftal, Racker, Ajax Haus Dexel and many other incredible producers from history. We are very fortunate to have been able to finally obtain our much sought after Wulfie daughter from a dam with such wonderful genetics and we have high hopes for Thea's future on the trial field and in the whelping box.