German Shepherds For Sale


Dai'shan is a 11.5 year old (DOB 8/9/05) intact, medium sized solid black male. Unfortunately due to tragic circumstances beyond her control, his owner is forced to try to find him a new home. Dai is a very YOUNG senior, who is in perfect health and looks and acts like a dog half his age. He is fully obedience trained to high IPO level and has his BH. He travels well and is used to house, crate and kennel.

He is very much a "one person dog" and is not good with other dogs or other animals and is also not social with people he doesn't know. He is fine working around people and dogs, but not freely interacting with them. He bonds very, very tightly to his people (though this will take some time of course) and is a very loyal, devoted dog. He is fine around strangers that ignore him but doesn't really want to interact with them or be handled by them. He is still active and drivey and enjoys playing ball and using his brain.

The ideal home would be a quiet adult household with no kids and no dogs or cats and where his owners can manage him around strangers or just avoid such interactions (such as crating when visitors are over and such).

He is located in Missouri. The best chance of success would be to find someone local to him that could meet him and start building a relationship under the guidance of his current owner before going to his new home.

If you are interested in Dai or have any questions, please call us at 810-610-7523 (evenings preferred) or email chris[at]wildhauskennels[dot]com.