~Gone but never forgotten~

1/8/93 - 5/14/03

AKC: DL74550601
LOSH: 706200

Hips: HD-TC (Belgium)

Ron is a large, powerful bi-color male imported from the renowned Peko Haus kennel in Belgium. This is a very well established kennel, famous for producing very hard working dogs for police service and sport. Ron's pedigree is a study in strength. His sire, Karlo vom Peko Haus, is a Bundesseiger participant and influential stud dog in Europe. Ron is a grandson of the famous Arthus Lünsholz, who is considered by many to be the best son of Greif zum Lahntal. His pedigree also carries lines to the immortal Umsa Bungalow and Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl. He is linebred on Caro Allerswald (4-4), Feger vom Rehschiag (5-5), Quicke von Itztal (5,5-5) and the legendary Bernd Lierberg (5-5).

Ron has an excellent temperament for work and very strong and balanced drives. Ron could easily be categorized as an "extreme" dog. He possesses tremendous hardness, seriousness, toughness, dominance, and aggression all rolled up into a very confident, bold, arrogant package. He is not a dog who will be bullied or bribed into anything, nor will he tolerate improper and unfair handling. Yet once a true relationship of trust and respect is built with a person, he has a tremendous work ethic, desire to please, and unwavering loyalty. His protection work is very powerful and his grips crushing. He has a strong civil side, showing tremendous fight drive and active aggression toward the man. His obedience is focused and animated and his tracking is intense and correct.

While approachable and stable, he would not be considered a social dog and is generally rather aloof and independent around anyone but those to whom he is bonded. Unless it's a child or a puppy. He has a definite soft spot for the young of any species and shows an unexpected affection and gentleness toward them. Very calm and settled around the house, off the field he is a well mannered, responsive and, at times, affectionate companion.

An excellent breeding dog, Ron consistently reproduced himself. His pups are very uniform in size, drive, and temperament. Since Ron came to the U.S. he has produced over 30 litters with exceptional health, temperament and working ability. Many of his pups are working as full service patrol dogs and many are excelling as sport dogs. Our beloved Kaiser is a Ron son, and he possesses many of those characteristics of Ron that we truly valued and enjoyed.

After many rough years being passed around from breeding kennel to breeding kennel, Ron came to us in 2000 and lived out the rest of his days as a house pet. He was a tremendous dog who exuded strength and character at all times. We lost him early in 2003 due to health problems related to age and an old back injury. He will always be missed.