Handler Owned and Trained (HOT) by Christopher L.

DOB: 11/28/15
AKC: DN44687710

Hips: a1 Normal
Elbows: a1 Normal
DM: Clear N/N
MDR1: Clear

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Rogue is a large, gorgeous black/tan female with lean, athletic structure and a fantastic temperament. She was our pick female from our R litter breeding of Isis and Miky Tresnaku. Unfortunately we were not in a position to keep another puppy ourselves at the time so we placed her on a breeding contract into a home where we knew she would get worked and titled and, most importantly, have a great life. Like other litters out of Isis, and our L litter breeding of Eris to Miky, our R litter has proven to be outstanding with excellent health and great working ability across a wide variety of venues including IPO, tracking, agility, competitive obedience, herding and nosework. They are also proving themselves to be excellent family companions and protectors. Rogue is no exception. While her primary training focus is IPO where she shows great natural talent in all phases, she displays the versatility that the GSD breed is known for by also possessing titles/certifications in herding, farm work and tricks.

Rogue has very high toy/prey and hunt drives and her food drive is off the charts. This combined with a very biddable, handler oriented personality makes for an extremely easy dog to train in any activity. She is very hard and resilient, especially for a female, and takes any corrections or negative experiences in stride with no loss of drive or attitude. She is completely environmentally sound with no issues with noise, strange locations, darkness, slick floors or anything else. She has traveled extensively, including a visit to Europe with her handler for some training, and is an excellent traveler with no problems in crowded airports, elevators, hotels or any other unusual environments that unnerve many dogs. No matter where she finds herself, when the crate door opens she pops out ready to work with no acclimation time required. She tends to be aloof with strangers, and at times suspicious depending on the circumstance, but never in an inappropriate manner. She is very friendly with people she knows and appropriately social with welcomed visitors at home. With her own family she is extremely affectionate, to the point of being downright silly about it at times.

Rogue's Titles & Accomplishments