Czech Import

DOB: 02/02/12
CMKU/DS 85007/12
AKC: DN37939001

Hips: Czech 0/0 (Normal)
Elbows: Czech 0/0 (Normal)
Cardiac: OFA Normal GS-CA1126/21M/C-PI
DM: OFA N/N GS-DM3130/21M-PI

Colt's Pedigree

Colt's Photo Gallery

Colt comes to us from the well respected Aritar Bastet kennel in the Czech Republic. This is a kennel with a very long history in GSDs and a proven track record of producing exceptional working dogs for both sport and police/military service. Colt is a blend of some of the best Czech and West German working lines and is the product of generations of carefully planned breedings by kennels with decades of hands on experience with these lines giving them an unmatched depth of knowledge and understanding of these dogs, what they produce and how to best utilize them. The results have been generation after generation of excellent, utilitarian working dogs.

His dam, Zendy Aritar Bastet is a granddaughter of the outstanding stud and Sirk Belchen son, Jaguar Aritar Bastet, and linebred 2-4 on the legendary Tom zPS. We have had the privilege of personally knowing several offspring from Zendy, including our own beloved Jasmine. These siblings and half-siblings of Colt have proven themselves both on the sport field and working the streets in law enforcement. One son of Zendy, an accomplished police K9 in New Jersey, was honored by the GSDCA at the 2013 German Shepherd National. Litter after litter, with a variety of studs, Zendy produced not only strong and balanced working drives, but also strong genetic obedience and natural instinctive behavior. These are dogs that don't so much need to be trained as just shown what to do and encouraged by the handler. They just seem to know how to assess a situation and respond like a proper German Shepherd. This instinctive ability is an important, but not often found, characteristic of the breed that must be treasured and preserved.

When we were able to secure not only a son of Zendy, but one who's sire is BSP competitor Ike vd Donauvorstadt, we jumped at the opportunity. Ike himself is an exceptionally strong and balanced working dog who has proven himself to be a great producer of the same, and who hails from a pedigree packed with dogs who like Ike were not only highly successful in their own right but who also were proven producers of excellent dogs both on the sport field and in a variety of working venues.

Colt is a confident, self assured dog who carries himself with an attitude that is a mix of cockiness and happy-go-lucky goofiness. Nothing fazes him and he shows great resilience and impeccable nerve in all situations. He is high drive for toys and food, but always clear headed and responsive. He is an exceptional natural tracking dog, enthusiastic and responsive in obedience and in protection he shows strong drives, fast strikes and hard grips coupled with excellent biddability that makes him a very cooperative partner and an easy dog to handle. Off the field he settles well in the house, is outgoing and social, gets along well with other dogs and animals, and is just a joy to be around. His physical characteristics are every bit as nice as his temperament. He is a large male with correct structure, beautiful and effortless movement, great physical strength and athleticism, and a nice big ol' Czech head.

Colt is available for stud service to approved females, and of course we look forward to utilizing his wonderful genetics in our own breeding program.

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