Buying a Wildhaus Puppy

Our pups are whelped and raised in our home and they are handled daily from birth. They are extensively socialized to people and other dogs and exposed to car rides, crates, gunshots, stairs, tunnels and a variety of different footing surfaces, sounds, places and things.

For a very detailed and comprehensive description of how our pups are raised and the many socialization opportunities they experience, please read our article on How Wildhaus Pups Are Raised.

We do not allow people to select their own pups because we do not feel that doing so would be in the best interest of our puppies OR our customers. No one, no matter experience level, can visit a litter a few times and get as complete and thorough an understanding of each pup's individual personality as we can after living with them for several weeks.

Beginning at birth, we spend a significant amount of time each day handling the pups, and as they grow we carefully observe their behaviors and social interactions to gain an understanding of their individual personalities. As time goes on, tug playing and ball playing and the many additional socialization experiences we provide to our pups also serve as important parts of our evaluation process. We keep careful eye on each pup's reaction to new environments and situations, as this provides great additional insight into that pup's inherent personality.

We also do not sell pups on a "first come, first served" basis with regards to the order in which deposits are received. Prior to accepting a deposit we spend a significant amount of time getting to know our customers and learning about their experience, personality and goals. We then carefully select the pup in the litter that is the most suitable. If the litter does not contain a pup that we feel is a good match, we will offer the customer his/her choice of either a refund of deposit, or to transfer the deposit to a different litter.

We absolutely will not sell a pup if we are not confident that pup and owner will both be happy with the arrangement. Essentially, each person gets the "pick of the litter" in the sense that each pup is carefully matched to each individual customer. In this way, we ensure that each customer receives the pup most suited to his/her lifestyle and aspirations, and each pup is placed in the home that will best meet its needs and realize its potential.

For a better understanding of how the weeks we spend with the pups serves to allow us to properly evaluate them and place them in the most well suited homes, please read our article on How Wildhaus Pups Are Raised.