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5 Males (3 black, 2 sable) and 2 Females (sable) born April 30, 2019

Nova vom Wildhaus
OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac,
DM Clear
Quinn ze Stribrneho kamene
a1 Normal Hips, OFA Normal Elbows,
DM Carrier

U Litter Pedigree

U Litter Photos

Nova delivered 7 puppies (5m/2f) on April 30th and is being a spectacular mother! For more information about Nova, please visit Nova's Webpage.

For Nova's litter we chose to breed her to Quinn ze Stribrneho kamene, aka "Qane". Qane is linebred on the great Ellute Mohnwiese and his pedigree contains so many BSP and WUSV competitors and winners that it is a veritable "who's who" of some of the greatest dogs of recent years from some of the best and most successful GSD kennels in history. His sire is from the famous D litter Eisernen Kreuz which produced multiple BSP and WUSV competitors including the 2017 WUSV champion, Debby. That D litter in turn was sired by Quardes vd Staatsmacht, one of the top producing males in the world for dogs for both sport and police work. Dog after dog, generation after generation, of his pedigree is full of dogs and kennels famous not only for their success on the trial field but also for their ability to pass on exceptional working ability to subsequent generations.

While a great pedigree is a nice thing to have, it doesn't always translate to a great dog with great genetics. Thankfully in the case of Qane himself, it does. We have been fortunate to be able to watch him mature and develop in his training at a local club over the past couple of years and he never ceases to impress. His tracking is calm and methodical and his obedience shows great drive and energy as well as an obvious happiness to work with his handler. In protection he brings very strong power with intense, dominant barking, full and hard grips and lots of fight toward the helper combined with a biddable and very clear headed temperament that makes him controllable and easy to handle. Off the field he is an open and social dog. He gets along well with other dogs, including other males, and is a calm, relaxed, well mannered house dog enjoying life as a family companion when he is not working.

We expect this combination of Nova and Qane to produce middle to upper middle sized dogs with good pigment, great structure, and exceptional working temperament. They will be versatile dogs capable of performing well in a variety of working and sporting venues as well as being excellent companions for active and experience GSD families.

Thea has been bred to Ucon

Puppies due July 1, 2019

Wealhtheow vom Bairdhaus
OFA Good/Normal Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Cardiac,
DM Clear, MDR1 Clear
V Ucon vom Patiala
a1 Normal Hips and Elbows,
DM Clear

V Litter Pedigree

Thea has been bred to Ucon and puppies are due July 1st. For more information about Thea, please visit Thea's Webpage.

Ucon is a large, substantial, masculine male with excellent drives in all phases. He is a dog that shows much power and true fight drive in protection, yet remains an easy dog to handle due to his clear head and very compliant and biddable nature. On and off the field he displays exceptional nerves and has a calm, confident way about him in all settings and environments. Ucon is bred, owned and handled by our dear friend, Ajay Singh. Ajay has a wonderful, deep understanding and appreciation for GSDs garnered from many years of living with, training, titling and breeding some excellent representatives of the breed. Ucon's sire, Mac vd Kine, and dam, Pia v Patiala, have both produced many litters of exceptional German Shepherds. Strong, balanced dogs that can perform well in work and sport but who also possess the proper temperament to live in homes with families as companions and protectors. In his first few litters Ucon himself has shown his ability to carry on his parent's legacy of producing this same sort of correctly balanced GSDs.

Both Thea and Ucon are excellent examples of working GSDs. They are strong in the work and versatile enough to tackle whatever sort of tasks their handlers set before them. Then when work is done they come home to provide tremendous love, devotion and companionship to their family. We expect nothing less from their offspring: strong dogs with balanced drives, excellent physical substance, and rock solid nerve and temperament. Pups will be suitable for a variety of work/sport endeavors as well as active companions for experienced GSD owners.

This breeding of Thea to Ucon has been a dream for us ever since Thea was just a puppy and we are very excited for that dream to become reality. For timing reasons we have decided to go ahead with this litter on Thea's next heat cycle in early 2019 as this will allow her to have her puppy-induced sabbatical during the time of the year when we are essentially hibernating due to weather. Then once the pups are weaned in the spring, she and Chris can get back to training and get her IPO (or IGP as it will be then) titles in the later half of 2019.

Rogue vom Wildhaus
IPO1, UPr1, FPr1, CGC, TKA, HIC,
FDC, a1 Normal Hips and Elbows,
DM Clear, MDR1 Clear
Quart Aritar Bastet "Colt"
0/0 Hips and Elbows, OFA Cardiac,
DM Clear

W Litter Pedigree

We hope to breed Rogue in summer 2019 for a fall litter. For more information about the parents, please visit Rogue's Webpage and Colt's Webpage.

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