~Always in our hearts~

10/26/98 - 7/16/12

Handler Owned and Trained (HOT)
AKC: DL76044303
SZ: 8012557
Hips: OFA Good GS-64186G42M-PI
a2 Fast Normal

Kaiser's Pedigree

Kaiser's Photo Gallery

Kaiser is a large, dark sable male with rich pigment and a gorgeous head. His pedigree is phenomenal, with lines to Greif zum Lahntal, Bernd Lierberg, Urs aus der Hopfenstraße, Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl, Arthus vom Lünsholz, Caro Allerswald and Enno Beilstein. His sire, Ron, is an import from the renowned Peko Haus kennel, and a son of the famous Karlo vom Peko Haus. Kaiser's dam, Bianca, is one of the most incredible bitches we have ever had the pleasure to know. She is a Queck von der Krötteeck daughter out of Tacky de Brucelee, a Canadian national schutzhund champion and WUSV championship participant, and a proven producer of excellent working dogs.

Kaiser is, in a word, incredible. He has rock solid nerves and extremely strong drives. He is a very hard, dominant and confident dog who never backs down from a challenge. He shows drive and power in every phase, and never has he shown any fear, uncertainty or unprovoked aggression. We raised Kaiser from a young pup, and he has always been a joy to live with and to work. He is a happy, willing worker who tackles any task set before him with great enthusiasm. His tracking is intense, his obedience flashy and attentive, and his protection work is second to none. His bites are naturally full and he has a crushing grip. He hits hard and has intense fight drive toward the helper. He was one of our first schutzhund dogs, and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

Yet even more amazing than his outstanding working ability is his temperament. He can come right off the protection field into a crowd of children and as he lets them hug him and sit on him like he's a horse, his only reaction will be a lot of tail wagging and face licking. His friendly and outgoing personality, solid nerves, confident attitude and intense drive make him the ideal dog both on and off the training field. Kaiser is a perfect example of what the German Shepherd Dog breed was designed to be; a tireless worker, faithful partner, vigilant guardian, and gentle companion.

After a successful career in schutzhund, and leaving his mark on the breed through some wonderful offspring, Kaiser is now enjoying retirement. He is our constant companion and spends his days lounging on the couch, "guarding" the house, chewing on kongs, and playing with us and the other dogs. When we have a litter he is the best puppy babysitter we could ever want. He still loves to work and he especially enjoys when he gets to participate in our schutzhund club as a training dog for our new helpers. Kaiser is very much a treasured member of our family and there will never be another dog like him.

Kaiser's Titles & Accomplishments