~Always in our hearts~

9/2/10 - 5/9/13

AKC: DN29892303

Hips: Prelims Normal
Elbows: Prelims Normal

Jazz' Pedigree

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Jasmine comes to us from the well respected Aritar Bastet kennel in the Czech Republic. A gorgeous sable female with a bold, confident, and totally unflappable character she is a dog of balanced drive, bombproof nerve, excellent overall working temperament and very instinctive behavior combined with a feisty attitude, happy personality and great handler focus and biddability.

Jazz' pedigree combines some of the best that the Czech and West German working bloodlines have to offer. Her sire is the world renowned Sid vom Haus Pixner, a dog who is V rated both in work and in structure and who has proven himself a oustanding sire. Sid has been bred extensively in Europe, and has also been used by some of the top breeders in North America, and has consistently produced exceptional working ability, health and structure in his offspring. He has been one of the most well represented sires on the national and international competition stage for the past few years, with many sons and daughters from a variety of different breedings excelling at the highest levels of competition. Jazz' dam, Zendy Aritar Bastet, also brings to this breeding outstanding working temperament and structure, and a pedigree to match. A granddaughter of outstanding stud and Sirk Belchen son, Jaguar Aritar Bastet, and linebred 2-4 on the legendary Tom zPS, she is the product of generations of carefully planned breedings combining the best of the Czech bloodlines by breeders with decades of hands on experience with these lines giving them an unmatched depth of knowledge and understanding of these dogs, what they produce and how to best utilize them.

Jazz' litter is a repeat breeding of Sid and Zendy. This first combination, the CH litter Aritar Bastet, are already showing themselves to have incomparable potential. Very strong and balanced drives, excellent hardness and resiliency, crushing grips, great health and athleticism, and very strong fight drive, all combined with tremendous nerve strength, clear headedness, focus and genetic obedience. We are pleased to see that thus far the J's are living up to the high expectations set by their older siblings and showing themselves to be another exceptionally strong and consistent litter. After a tremendous amount of research and careful selection, we chose Jazz' for her ability to bring new blood to our breeding program, in a manner that enhances and compliments our existing bloodlines. In temperament, nerve, balance and overall working ability, Jazz fits in perfectly with our vision of the GSD and our breeding goals.

With great sadness, we had to give up on our dreams of including Jazz in our bloodlines, as at just under 2 years old she was diagnosed with idopathic epilepsy. While it is unknown if this is genetic or not, and she came from very healthy bloodlines where she had been the only occurrence of this condition, we certainly couldn't in good conscience breed her. But while her competition and breeding career had to end before they could even get started, she was very much a beloved member of our family. We had hoped to have many years with her companionship and comical antics, but a heart condition that developed as a result of the seizures took her from us a few months shy of her 3rd birthday. Rest in peace, darling Jazz.

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