Handler Owned and Trained (HOT) by Dianna H.
Co-owned by Wildhaus Kennels

DOB: 10/15/10
AKC: DN29020202

Hips: OFA Good GS-87559G25F-VPI
Elbows: OFA Normal GS-EL28046F25-VPI
Cardiac: OFA Normal GS-CA1145/37F/C-VPI
Eyes: CERF Normal GS-382273

Isis' Pedigree

Isis' Photo Gallery

Isis is from our I litter breeding of Caliber v Wildhaus "Raven" to Hannes v Spadener Holz. She is solid black, medium sized, with great speed, athleticism and utilitarian structure. Her temperament is simply outstanding. Nothing fazes her and she is appropriately social, outgoing and stable in all environments and with all people and dogs. From a working ability standpoint, she is an absolutely exceptional female in all phases. Her tracking has incredible intensity and tenacity, her obedience shows not only drive and enthusiasm but also true power, and her protection is just awesome to watch with strong, dominating barking, explosive strikes with full commitment, calm and hard bites, and tremendous fight drive toward the helper. She is a hard, resilient female with a very, very clear head. Despite her drive and power she is a very easy dog to handle and control as she has a naturally biddable character making her a very willing, cooperative and responsive working partner in all phases.

Isis' pedigree is every bit as impressive as she is and she clearly manifests the exceptionally strong and sound genetics found therein. Her dam, our own B/HOT Raven, is one of the most titled bitches in the country. A remarkable dog in all phases and a tremendous powerhouse in protection, all brought together in a package of impeccable nerve and temperament who is as wonderful a companion and family dog as she is a working dog showing the balanced disposition that is exactly what the GSD is supposed to be. Raven's sire, 2000 BSP Champion and WUSV competitor Ernst Weinbergblick, is known throughout the world for producing strong, hard, exceptional working dogs both in sport competition and in police and military service. Raven's dam, Ira Argatos, consistently produced for us litter after litter of dogs with extraordinary working ability, sound nerve, good health and correct, balanced temperament.

Isis' sire is the exceptional producing stud Hannes vom Spadener Holz; another dog who has it all and has the outstanding pedigree and genetics to back it up. Hannes is a large, impressive solid black male who brings to the table true "V" structure AND "V" rated working ability. He is a dog who exhibits strong drive in all phases, never ending work ethic and desire to please his handler, and tremendous power in protection, while at the same time being friendly and outgoing, clear headed, sound and stable, social and well mannered with people, other dogs, and children.

Like Raven, Hannes' pedigree is full of notable dogs who were not only exceptional in their own right, but who have consistently produced the same in their offspring. Moreover, these abilities to produce generation upon generation of incomparable working dogs and working dog producers are found not only in a few areas of Hannes' pedigree, but are seen throughout. His sire, well known BSP competitor Quax von der Fasanerie, has sired multiple LGA, BSP and WUSV competitors, and his dam, Wicki, is from the exceptional W litter vd Wannaer Höhen, a litter where all dogs have proven themselves both as competitors and producers. Not only are Hannes' sire lines exceptionally strong, containing such outstanding competitors and producers as Boy Pendel Bach, WUSV Champion Fado Karthago, Ork Wolfendobel, Fax vom Haus Bernhart-Mader and Troll Körbelbach, but his dam lines are equally as impressive, containing females like Deika vd Wannaer Höhen, undoubtedly one of the best producing females of modern times, and other exceptional producing females such as Carmen v Rauen Eck, Juma v Petze and Cilly v Wolfendobel.

We are beyond pleased with the results of this breeding, as seen in Isis and her litter sister, India, and are excited about the exceptional genetics they will bring to our breeding program. We co-own Isis with our dear friend and top-notch trainer/handler, Dianna, with whom we also co-own another of our breeding females, Eris. Not surprisingly, in Dianna's more than capable hands Isis has blossomed into an incredible working dog with almost limitless potential on the trial field. Dianna and Isis have earned their IPO1 and the 2 and 3, along with probably some agility titles, aren't far in the future. Just as importantly, like all of our dogs, Isis is every bit as solid off the field as she is on the field and lives as a house dog and family companion.

Isis whelped her first litter in early 2014 and has proven to be an easy breeder and whelper and an excellent mother with strong maternal instincts. We are very excited to see how the pups turn out as they mature.

Isis' Titles & Accomplishments