Wildhaus dogs have accomplished:

~98 Schutzhund/IPO/IGP Titles~
~60 BHs~
~1 Mondio Ring Title~
~4 American Working Dog Federation Titles~
~8 SDA/UKC Dogsport Protection Titles~
~3 SDA/UKC Dogsport Police Dog Titles~
~3 PSA Titles~
~1 Other Protection Sport Titles~
~1 Dual Purpose Police K9~
~3 Operational Search and Rescue Certifications~
~4 Operational Human Remains Detection Certifications~
~2 AKC Versatility Awards~
~67 Obedience Titles~
~1 Utility Dog Titles~
~53 Rally Obedience Titles~
~31 Tracking Titles~
~168 Agility Titles~
~7 Master Agility Championships~
~3 GSDCA Performance Awards of Merit~
~1 Regional Universal Sieger/Siegerin Award~
~2 AKC Herding Titles~
~5 Lure Coursing Titles~
~20 Dock Diving Titles~
~1 Dock Diving National Championship (2017 UAD Chase It)~
~106 Scentwork/Nosework Titles~
~68 Trick Dog Titles~
~1 Trick Dog Championship~
~11 Barn Hunt Titles~
~16 Herding Instinct Tests/Certificates~
~1 Farm Dog Certificate~
~7 Therapy Dog Certifications~
~68 AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificates~
~2 CKC Canine Good Neighbor Certificate~
~28 Temperament Test Certificates (AKC, GSDCA or ATTS)~

"The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began: the breeder can indeed lay the foundations of a good and serviceable dog, but the trainer must see to it that he brings to their highest possible development the physical and mental foundations already laid, and thus his is the more grateful task."

     - Capt. Max von Stephanitz - Founder of the German Shepherd Dog breed

Kudos to the Wildhaus Family!