Articles of Interest

The Different Types of German Shepherds
Many people are not aware that there are in fact many types of German Shepherds, each with different physical characteristics and, more importantly, personality traits. Understanding these differences and selecting a type that best suits your personality, lifestyle and training goals is the first step in responsible German Shepherd ownership.

Finding a Good Breeder
What the prospective puppy buyer needs to know about determining the difference between a good breeder and a bad breeder.

The Elements of Temperament by Joy Tiz
Joy Tiz' classic article explaining the basic aspects of canine temperament, Drives, Threshold and Nerves, and how they relate to dog behavior and working ability. A MUST read!

Wildhaus' Raw Diet
We get a lot of inquiries into the raw diet we feed our dogs. It isn't anything special or all that different from what many raw feeders do, but given the number of people who ask we decided to put together this article.

Learn all about the German dog sport of Schutzhund: what it is, it's history, how to get involved, and it's importance in preserving the German Shepherd Dog as a working breed.

Raising Puppies
Tips for the proper raising, socializing and early training of puppies.

Housebreaking Puppies
Advice on the keys to successful housebreaking.