~Always in our hearts~

4/25/03 - 8/10/15

Handler Owned and Trained (HOT)
AKC: DN03268806
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal

Aiden is a medium sized dark black and tan female with beautiful structure and a quick, athletic build. Her pedigree is very strong and very balanced with lines to Mink, Fero, Fado Karthago, Arthus, T-Litter Körbelbach, Afra vom Stoppenberger Land, and many more proven producers of superior working dogs. Aiden's sire, Bastin Kokeltal, has a resume of accomplishments almost too long to list. He is the 2001 BSP Champion, 2002 USA National SchH3 Champion, 2003 USA German Shepherd Dog National SchH3 Champion and 2004 North American SchH3 Champion. He has also competed at the WUSV world championships. Aiden's dam, Burgos' Unika, is an outstanding Citty Haus Ming daughter. Nike is an impressive bitch that we have had the pleasure to know both on and off the training field.

Aiden is full of fire, and a true joy to train and work with. She is an excellent tracking dog, showing intense concentration, a deep nose, and insatiable drive for the track. She likes to be challenged and works out problems well, without loss of drive or focus. In protection she shows excitement, good drive and excellent responsiveness to commands from the handler. Obedience is her favorite phase though, and it is here where she truly excels. She is always ready to go and works with tremendous animation and enthusiasm. She goes into drive quickly, and builds more as we go along, never losing focus, always giving 100%, and doing so with a smile on her face.

Aiden is a dog with a lot of character, who bonds strongly and desires to interact with us at all times; whether it is training, playing, "helping" with housework, or just cuddling on the sofa watching TV. She has a warm, outgoing and social personality with a definite zest for life and a very sweet, loving nature. She is always attentive, well mannered, handler focused and willing to please.

Chris and Aiden obtained their SchH1 in May of 2006 at the Capital Area Schutzhund Club trial, taking home the High In Trial Obedience score. Although Aiden obtained all her health clearances and SchH title, we made the decision not to incorporate Aiden into our breeding program as we did not feel that she would be a good fit for our long term goals. She has been spayed and placed in a home with some friends where she enjoys life as a full time house pet, cherished family companion and playmate to three children.